Press review

Guitar sounds from the guitar king

… Michael Thele was heard with Aguado’s technically demanding “Rondo brillante”. … highly emotional and poetic passages and fun were also made by de Falla’s lively and attentive dance at the end.

Ruhr Nachrichten

Guitar teacher inspires concert audience

… Michael Thele understood to inspire the audience on Sunday evening,… with the piece “Sonata para guitarra sola” by Leo Brouwer he finished his successful guitar concert.

Münstersche Zeitung

Bandwidth of the instrument explored

… “Due Canzoni Lidie” by Nuccio D’Angelo: Michael Thele knew how to expressively express this work with an atmospheric atmosphere and to give the sounds effective space.
… it was an extraordinarily difficult and demanding program … the audience rewarded the performance of the musician with much applause.

Westfälische Nachrichten

20th century sounds out

… Michael Thele sensitively emphasized the introverted feel of this impressionistically inspired work in Antonio Jose’s sonata.
With a keen sense of intertwined South American rhythm and avant-garde sound structures, he took on Leo Brouwer’s Sonata. He effectively juxtaposed the pastoral sounds with expressionist sounds of the finale.

Westfälische Rundschau

With dance, guitars and a lot of singing

Rheinische Post… as a further attraction the “Granados guitar duo”: both musicians dominate their instrument on a high artistic level and are perfectly attuned to each other.
“Granada”, “Andaluza” and the wonderful “El Mono Azul” can rarely be enjoyed live in this be

Rheinische Post

Trio with Spanish flair

Montero thrilled at the first concert at Schloss Westerwinkel

… in a sure, strikingly complex interpretation – a sound experience that was authentic and throws new, enlightening perspectives on the work.


Musicians conjured sun in the ears

… Trio Montero opens the season with masterful guitar playing.

The musicians presented a grown homogeneity.

Westfälische Nachrichten

Like a sunny day in the south

… Guitar music full of poetry – “Trio Montero” drew sound pictures with the guitar. The musicians tore with their dedicated game – just wonderful …


Trio Montero stirs

… the virtuoso play of the guitarists makes the audience sit up – the solos are also impressive. … with enthusiastic applause the guests thank you for a special concert

Allgemeine Zeitung